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NEWS ZERO: Tomioka, Fukushima Report

We (Me and miki0430) subbed an episode of NEWS ZERO about Tomioka, a town in Fukushima. After 6 years of the Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami... *cries
We translated it to Indonesia, some translation are literal since there's no equivalent word in Bahasa Indonesia, we tried our best :)
Special credit to winkychan and ARASHIeng for subbing and translating it to english. Without their hardwork, we couldn't complete this ^^
This was aired 06/03/2017

He's freezing *run to hug*

Download here
For ENG and FR sub you could go HERE
I highly suggest you to watch this one. Especially if you learn things like occupational health and safety (INA: kesehatan keselamatan kerja). See how much an incident would lead your environment to. Yes, tsunami and earthquake is the main cause but the nuclear power plant incident also takes a toll. Safety first, no matter how safe you think your workplace is.

Jimi ni Sugoi!

I'm actually not really in the mood since I recently snapped at my friend who kinda have no idea on how to order flight ticket and keep asking for super duper mega bumper cheap cheap cheap things for our internship survival but doesn't want to take any help from us (are we not friends?!) and here I cared tooooooo much for her that she made me frustrated and BAM! Hey! At least say thanks to my effort ;;__;;
Gosh I don't wanna care for their return ticket and such. I'm gonna go back later than them I believe (I wanna have my OWN trip!)
And my mom mad at me because I hinted my jealousy for my lil sibling ;___; Lemme bury myself it's not like I want to be born as stupid asocial imbecile introvert ;;;__;;;

random jimi ni sugoiCollapse )
I'm feeling random tonight so I'm posting random thing here ehehe

please pardon meee

Never Let Me Go #2

I finished Watashi wo Hanasanaide. The last 2 episodes were the final moment of someone. And I'm happy that they smile and hold each other at the end. It is actually a warm story. It makes me think several things of how selfish human (and non-human) is.
It actually breaks my heart when I saw another Kyoko...
It told us to appreciate our lives. It hits me hard. We're just some ungrateful creatures. Here, I envy them for having a certain goal. And them, envy me for having freedom...

We're selfish, yet if we keep on being selfish, instead of saved we'll crush another one.

The cycle will go on till someone take a step back and say "I'm okay with what I have"

We need that person. We need someone to remind us that it's okay to accept things the way they are even if things don't go the way we wanted it to be. We must be that person, who will accept another person as he is. To accept their flaws. To focus on the good sides instead of the bad ones.
Well I do that but some people is just ungrateful and she ignored me even though I was being friendly despite other friends' talk behind your back
We're merely human. A normal one. A sinner.
My favorite line: "Who am I to judge?"

As a student in somekind science major, the lecturer keeps telling us to mind the environment, ethic and local codes.
In this drama, I could relate. They developed the cloning technology to a reaaally advanced point that they forgot ethics. I believe you know that cloning tech is unethical (That was the last time I read that kind of info though).

Well because of this drama I'm thinking that maybe using specific organ cell or stem cell able to solve it? I don't know whether they could control how stem cell grows now or not. I mean, I do distillation tower course, instead of cell growth and control condition :)))

*reposted lol the prev was kinda messed up
*Gonna do one for Jimi ni Sugoi later :)))

Never Let Me Go

I hate her character.
I somehow like Mizukawa Asami in her previous drama (Shitsuren) even though she was kinda silly and annoying. And the same character is given to her in Watashi wo Hanasanaide.

I hate how Miwa in her childhood kept trying to take something from Kyoko.
And how she took Tomo away. How she kept making Kyoko on her side.

Turned out she had been suffering some kind of mental illness, as I remember from somewhere.
She took something from Kyoko because she wanted undivided attention.
Kyoko was her sun.
And Miwa needed the warmth.

I keep thinking about it and shiver. How human she was.
At the end of eps 8 where she finally apologized and shouted ":watashi wo hanasanaide"
I love her.

"Never let me go"
~Sakai Miwa

I keep watching from Kyoko PoV that I forgot Miwa.
I forgot to sympathize Miwa.
I forgot to try looking into it from another side. Judging it one-sidedly, building hatred, even wanted Kyoko to leave her and let her do her completion sooner.

The same with humans.
We keep thinking that some people are bad, some people are good.
We befriend the good ones, stay away from the bad ones.
Hear what we wanted to hear, see what we wanted to see, speak what we wanted to speak.
Never even trying to understand each other with a different perception.

We're an egotistic creature. We keep thinking of things that'd benefit us.That'd make us happy. That won't hurt us.
Instead of defending ourselves, sometimes they're used for running away.

Now I ask myself
Is avoiding interaction your defense mechanism?
Or is it running away?

When something hurts me once I'll leave it completely.
Is it the right thing?
Or is it because I don't want to change (for better)?

"You're fragile. Yet to be strong, you need to face hardship"
~Someone I met

Ok I'm happy now

Lol idk but now I'm happy. Fyi, nothing happened :)

Sep. 23rd, 2016

Jgn jd org yg bisanya komen doang, nuntut doang, sarkas doang :)

Misalkan guru ngajar dan terlalu cepat, emg km marahin gurunya krn sdh kewajiban dia buat ajarin km? Kan engga.....


Things have been pretty serious recently. We got local competition next week and they'll have their first simulation next week (・。・;

I prepared some material even thou I just copied from idea lol srsly. I can't think any, if I got label, I'll be able to work on it. If not, I couldn't make any out of the motion. Am I just gonna be 3rd speaker now? Haha, but this is not laughing matter -_-
I get nervous in front of the students and I hate it when I'm really unprepared and talk non sense when defining a motion. I want to talk 5 on 1 with them but I think I can't, I see they have no motivation for debating except for 3 or 5 out of 33.

I got 3 motions: beginner, intermediate and senior level for them. I have to show them what an argument is before making them working on it.


I feel like shit.


I finally let it out.
I feel sorry to my leader for keeping this to myself and it's hard to tell him, but I have to let him know.
Because I'm weak and I can't confront someone.

But it's no use bleh he consider that normal I guess but at least I was able to say how I feel


milad tu hanyar ke 29 loo, tahun depan ke 30. Baik simpan ide2 bagus tu ke tahun depan. Nyawa turun pasti kada september jua, aku yakin.
Inya tu bisi ide besar, dipaksakan. Anak buahnya aja koler meeksekusi apalagi auk yg kdtahu apa2. Ketahuan bnr, apa yg dikeluarkan tu kd dirapatkan. Masa internal kd setuju langsung km floorkan di pusat? LUCU LALAAL LILILI
Masalah nama kegiatan aja behari2 mikirkan, kena waktu publikasi mepet pasti dah auk disalah akn.
Ikam tuh nah mehabari org bekawinan, orangnya tu di malaysia, bos petronas misalkan, dua minggu sebelumnya aja. Kam kira beacaraan di higa rumah yg meambil makanan sekehandak lalu membarakat ke rumah.
Dipadahi sudah ngaran acara tu kepentak kah, apakah, barang aja sudah. yg ngarannya acara beramian itu... Kada mesti keren sanak ai. Contoh, emangnya acara bekumpulan mesti di restoran? yg penting kumpulnya kah apanya? Sebenarnya nama yg dodol tu gin ada benefitnya, dipandir akn. Biar ae disambati, itulah trik org supaya dipandir akn. Lucu2an org, emang kenapa? Yg penting org tuh jd tahu. Kada jadi tempe. Amun jd tempe dibacem ai